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Birthdate:Aug 23
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Name: Mandy Andrea Brocklehurst
Age: (Almost) 22
Born: 23, August 1980
Sexuality:Straight, single, and looking

Character History:

In her time at Hogwarts, Mandy didn’t have a definite social niche/clique. Her grades were good and she played Quidditch for Ravenclaw; while she was there and while not entirely without friends, she never felt like she had a tight-knit bond with anyone. That got worse during the Death Eater occupation when so many people were missing and no one knew who to trust. Mandy is a half-blood and was allowed to attend Hogwarts during the occupation, though if it were up to her, she would not have attended. After school she went her way and didn’t really keep in touch.

After the final battle, her family focused on picking up the pieces of their lives and moving on. Her mother, who had fled to Austria for her family’s safety, returned and they could be a family again. Her father was busy at the Ministry once the war ended as Obliviators used their skills with memory spells to try and separate the truth from the lies of those captured, helping those traumatized by the battle, etc… She stayed at home for a year, working in a small muggle bookshop in her hometown of Ipswich before entering the Healer Program at St. Mungo’s. She’s at the end of her two year training and close to becoming a licensed Healer on the Artifact Mishaps floor. While excited by the prospect, she also is a little frightened to be allowed to be on her own.

In her final year of training, she moved away from her parents’ home to a small flat in Hammsersmith. She lives alone with her cat Ellie, though if she found suitable arrangements, she would love to move into a larger apartment with someone else.

Now that the War’s over and peace seems to be holding, Mandy feels like she’s becoming herself again. She is a genial soul who enjoys laughter and tries to bring some to her patients if possible to make things easier. She’s got friends at the Hospital and feels like she’s finally found someplace to belong.
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